Portfolio - Henrique Morbin

Mail: morbin_@hotmail.com
Facebook: fb.com/hgmorbin
Blog: letsgodev.com
New Angular - Fiscal a Bordo personal project
With this app you will know how fast your bus is moving and if it is above the speed limit you can make a complaint with only two taps on the application. This app/service was made in four days with two more friends and a design company.
For more details: http://fiscalabordo.com/
Zero Hora: http://zh.clicrbs.com.br/rs/noticias/tecnologia/noticia/2015/01/empresa-gaucha-lanca-aplicativo-que-pode-denunciar-excesso-de-velocidade-em-onibus-4683712.html
Diário de Santa Maria: http://diariodesantamaria.clicrbs.com.br/rs/noticia/2015/01/empresa-gaucha-lanca-aplicativo-que-pode-denunciar-excesso-de-velocidade-em-onibus-4683712.html
Gaúcha: http://wp.clicrbs.com.br/conecte/2015/01/26/aplicativo-permite-que-passageiros-denunciem-abusos-de-velocidade-em-onibus/?topo=52%2C1%2C1%2C%2C171%2Ce171
Patrola: http://redeglobo.globo.com/rs/rbstvrs/patrola/noticia/2015/02/aplicativo-ajuda-passageiro-denunciar-onibus-em-alta-velocidade.html

New Game - Kick Ups Gravities personal project
This game is to make kick ups in four different gravities: Earth, Moon, Mars and Jupiter.

New Game - 2C1B Game - Two Colors, One Brain template
This game is a template bought from the website Chupamobile. I made some modifications like the background color and the soundtrack.

App - Unicred Mobile formal work not public yet
App for holders from Unicred Bank. Access to the checking account (individual and legal entity), bank statements, bank transactions, payments, barcode reader, etc.

App - SUP Places - Stand Up Paddle personal project
SUP Places - Stand Up Paddle is an app designed for this sport lovers. With it you may find places to practice the SUP, and you also may register your own practice location.

App - BTU Calculator - Air Conditioner personal project
A BTU calculator to help you to buy the right air conditioner. This is a open source project.
GitHub: https://github.com/Morbix/BTUCalculator
Let's Go Dev: http://letsgodev.com/btu-calculator-open-source/

Game - Sticks HD personal project
Game based on the classic game of pick up sticks (mikado). Nowadays it has more than 800k of downloads.

App - MyPets - Pets Manager personal project
App that helps the masters to take care better of their pets. Vaccine Control, vermifuge, baths, appointments and medicines. Reminders of all events. Vaccination card with a photo of the label manufacturer. Weight control with graphics and human age equivalence.
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mypets-pets-manager/id553815375?mt=8 (free version)
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mypets-pets-manager-without/id795757886?mt=8 (paid version)
MacMagazine: http://macmagazine.com.br/2014/01/08/aplicativo-mypets-ajuda-voce-a-cuidar-do-seu-bichinho-de-estimacao/
TechTudo: http://www.techtudo.com.br/tudo-sobre/s/mypets.html

App - Mobtour (POA) ordered
Mobtour is a tourist guide of Porto Alegre. You can find restaurants, bars, squares, culture, tour places, markets. You can search places near you too.

App - Sicredimobi formal work
App for holders from Sicredi Bank. Access to the checking account (individual and legal entity), bank statements, bank transactions, payments, barcode reader, etc.

App - Nox26 ordered
App for calculating the 26th notary services in São Paulo.

Game - Puzzle in Movement personal project
Game based on Puzzle. Nevertheless the game uses the camera of the smartphone on all the time.
MacMagazine: http://macmagazine.com.br/2013/08/30/monte-um-quebra-cabeca-diferente-com-o-aplicativo-puzzle-em-movimento-para-iphonesipods-touch/

App - Porto Alegre Bulls ordered
App developed for a football team, Porto Alegre Bulls. Information of the games, photos, videos, news. Reminders through Push Notification and wall integrated with Facebook.

WebApp - FindPets personal project
App to facilitate the search for lost animals, found animals or for adoption.

App - Banda Dizplay ordered
App developed for the Dizplay band. Concert's information, tracks, photos, videos. Members description, establishment and wall integrated with Facebook.

App - EGEJ 2012 ordered
App for EGEJ 2012 event. Lectures information, Speakers, Sponsors, Maps, Etc.

App - Buqui Livros Digitais ordered
App ordered by company Construtiva Internet and Software, to access catalogs from books bought from the digital store Buqui Livros Digitais.

App - MyWay by AllTouch personal project
App for monitoring your route. After finishing the activity, the app will show all the traversed path on a map. It is possible to publish the path on Facebook.

App - Speed Stacks Timer HD personal project
App developed to use with the game Speed Stacks. Basically, it is a stopwatch touch.

App - FindPets: Native app of WebApp - FindPets. rejected
App - Rádio Eu e Eu: Developed for an online radio from a friend of mine. out of store
App - Varetas HD: Brazilian version of Sticks. out of store
App - Embaixadinha: My first game developed. out of store
App - Embaixadinha For iPad: iPad version of Embaixadinha. out of store
App - PMI: Developed for an event PMI of 2011. out of store
App - Congrecred: Developed for an event Congrecred of 2011. out of store
App - EGEJ Santiago 2011: Developed for an event EGEJ Santiago of 2011. out of store
App - Unilasalle Canoas - Login Automático: App with links and auto logins to the main portals of the College Unilasalle. rejected
App - Argaios Marketing: App of divulgation of the company Argaios. rejected